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I am a web and mobile app developer and I looove building things. Contact me to discuss what I can build for you!

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"Atlanta, GA"
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["software development", "music", "movies", "fitness", "travel", "cooking"]
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["16 Week Full Stack Coding Bootcamp - DigitalCrafts", "BBA Management - University of Georgia"]
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["React", "React Native", "JavaScript", "Node", "Express", "CSS", "Sass", "HTML5", "Git", "Shopify", "Liquid"]


The Mindful Eating Coach - React Native app

The Mindful Eating Coach is a contracted React Native project for The Emory University Department of Pyschology. The app is designed to coach those struggling with eating disorders to make more mindful decisions about their nutrition. Key features include "Before You Eat" questionaire, "After You Eat" questionaire, "Reflect on Your Day" questionaire, Calendar View to visualize progress and manage submissions, "Review Data" graph display to monitor progress, "Lessons" to provide tips and guidance and a Share data feature that allows the user to email a csv file to themselves or a healthcare provider.

React Native React Navigation JavaScript Expo

ProText Redesign

ProText provides turn-key loan application & closing documentation for SBA 7(a) Loans. The startup brought me on as a contractor to reskin their existing React app. I was responsible for translating design mockups, often times restructuring JSX and HAML layouts to conform, and building out complimentary React components where necessary.

React JavaScript HAML SCSS Font Awesome

New Story User Metrics

This project began as a skills test and developed into a useful display of internal information for the New Story crew. The understated React app pings the New Story database via an internal GraphQL API. The data is then compared to display change over user selected periods of time, e.g. active users this month vs active users from the previous month.

*This is a demo environment. All data is strictly for testing purposes.

React JavaScript HTML CSS

Throne of Games

As students in the Spring 2019 Digital Crafts coding bootcamp I along with Ben Hallquist and Margaret O’Neill created this React.js based game website. As season 8 of the popular TV show, Game of Thrones, was coming to end, we chose to create a series of games in homage to some of the show’s characters.

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